Internet service providers in India are offering unlimited Internet plans to the new customers. They are offering the best internet plans to the existing customers. However, it has been a mystery to the new customers about the unlimited Internet plans. I got a new connection and the ISP executive informed us that we will get 1 Mbps download speed and unlimited package. But the customer care told us that they are charging additional Rs.500 in the monthly bill because we reached the unlimited package limit. Basically, it did not make any sense to us because how can an unlimited Internet plan reached the limit.

Difference Between Limited and Unlimited Internet Plans

Allow us to break the Unlimited Internet Plans to the new customer and existing customer, and we will also reveal the important information of the internet service providers industry. First of all, there is no such thing called “unlimited Internet plans”. Home/Individual: I have not seen any ISP that offers unlimited Internet plans because there is always a limit to the usage. The limit is known as FUP, and it stands for fair usage policy. Every package has a limit like 100GB to 2,000GB, but there is a limit, and many internet service providers don’t reveal this to you. Small Business: Many internet service providers offer limited internet plans like 200GB per month or 1000GB per month, but they might not tell you about it. However, the companies prefer to go for the unlimited Internet plans with unlimited bandwidth. Enterprise: Yes, major companies get unlimited internet plans without a doubt, and they also get priority lines also called leased line connection that helps them connect to the Internet without any issues.

Limited PlansLimited internet plans

  • The biggest factor would be the data limit. Yes, you can get less FUP (fair usage policy) from 10GB per month to 50GB per month. A few years back, my FUP was 30GB, and then the ISP was fair enough to increase it to 120GB. You can expect to stick around with your local ISP for a long time, and if they grow the business, then they will provide you with better offers.
  • In the limited offers, the bandwidth is pretty good even on the busiest days. Let’s assume that your ISP promised 1 Mbps a second, then you will get 152 Kbps to download speed per second. However, on weekends your ISP existing customers in your area will be surfing the Internet, and the download speed drops to 100 Kbps to 50 Kbps. But, limited packages have no effect by it, and you get a maximum 140 Kbps.
  • They usually cost lesser than unlimited Internet plans and it the right package for students because you cab pays Rs.250 a month, and get 1 Mbps with 30GB FUP for surfing Internet.

Unlimited Plans

  • There is no such thing as unlimited plans because the majority of the ISP add FUP to the package. But, you get 120GB FUP or 200GB FUP in your package. Currently, I pay Rs.500 to get 400GB FUP, and when I reach the limit, then the speed goes from 30 Mbps to 5 Mbps. You can check your broadband internet connection speed by using speed test website.
  • The bandwidth is unlimited and they do extremely well even on weekends. I download all the time like 100 MB each file episodes and 4.5GB operating systems and more. The bandwidth that I get is promising considering the package I have subscribed.
  • The monthly goes doubles up, yes, I use to Rs.350 for 5 Mbps connection, and I pay Rs.500 for 30 Mbps connection. Not all internet service providers offer you such amazing packages, so the charges may go from Rs.500 – Rs.1000 for 30 Mbps connection.
Fortunately, my local Internet service provider has grown over the years, and he has ensured that his customers are getting the best packages in the market.

Pros and Cons of Limited and Unlimited PlansLimited or unlimited internet plans

I have seen that many ISP in the country are offering unlimited home WIFI plans, and we think that you should learn the PROS and CONS of the plans.

#1 – Limited Internet Plans:

  • The monthly subscription fee is less compared to the unlimited packages.
  • You get better bandwidth.
  • I have seen ISP offering 30 Mbps with 30GB FUP for Rs.250 per month, and that’s a very impressive Internet speed.
  • If you are not using BSNL Broadband or MTNL, then the ping per second is decent.
  • You get less FUP and it isn’t enough to watch videos and download heavy files.
  • The cost may be less, but it impacts on the customer service because the ISP cannot afford to hire better technicians.
  • When you hit the FUP limit, then you have to pay few more bucks to connection back online.

#2 – Unlimited Internet Plans:

  • You can get the 100Mbps connection with highest FUP like 500MB offered by many reputed companies.
  • The bandwidth is pretty good and the experience might not be the same if your ISP is lazy.
  • You get maximum Internet speed promised by the ISP, and you don’t have to worry about the slow connections.
  • Let’s assume that your download speed is 100 Mbps, then you hit the FUP, after that the download speed downgrades to 10 Mbps per second. The interesting part is that you don’t have to pay for the data because the data is unlimited.
  • The ping is extremely good on the unlimited plans and it is right for the gamers. But, make sure you are not getting a connection from MTNL and BSNL because of they very bad ping per second.
  • The monthly subscription fee is increasing on unlimited plans for 100 Mbps. I was surprised that 100 Mbps unlimited Internet speed connections cost you Rs.1500 – Rs.2000 in many parts of India.
  • The ISP is making tons of money by making FUP-based packages, and download speed based packages.
  • The Unlimited Internet Plans offers high download speed like 100 Mbps, but it’s not available in every area, so you may for the 100 Mbps, but you might get only 10 Mbps. It’s happening a lot nowadays, and this is a mistake that reputed ISP like Airtel is also making these days.
  • The unlimited packages might sound good, but your ISP is not good enough, then you might experience downtime every single day.

Choosing The Right Plan for Your Specific NeedsInternet plans

Everyone has requirements like some people prefer to watch shows online, and few go with the education. Internet packages are available for everyone, but you must know the important things before getting a new connection. It applies to the limited internet plans and unlimited internet plans.
  • The first thing is to make sure that your customer care & technicians in your area are not lazy. If either one of them is lazy, then you are doomed. You have to wait for weeks to get a simple problem fixed, and you can find 1000’s of complaints about bad customer service.
  • The reputed companies send a customer executive to your house to explain the package and most of them lie to you, so they can make a sale. Always call the customer care to confirm, and take a quick look at the official website for package information, then listen to the executive. When I got my first home Internet connection, the executive lied to us, and it cost us Rs.500 extra on our monthly bill.
  • Learn about FUP & extra data charges because you don’t want to find them on your monthly bill. Call the customer care and reconfirm about the package like if you have to pay any extra charges to use the Internet after FUP limit.
  • If you are going for high Internet speed above 20 Mbps, then check if your area supports DSL or Fiber connection.
DSL Connection: Maximum download & upload speed is 16 Mbps. Fibre Connection: Maximum download & upload speed is 100 Mbps. Even reputed companies like Airtel, Reliance, and Act Corp made this mistake by offering unlimited packages with a high-speed connection in DSL connection mapped areas. Do not get excited because you are living in urban areas because many ISP’s have not covered many areas.
  • Don’t subscribe to unlimited home WIFI plans because you can buy a WIFI router, and get the same experience because the ISP is charging a lot on the unlimited home wifi plans.


Unfortunately, many Indians don’t know about the PROS & CONS, and they end up finding it by paying additional bills. It has happened to me when I first got a new connection at my home for the first time, and the first month bill proved expensive. Let us know what do you think about limited plans and unlimited plans in the connections.