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Tikona BroadBand Review – Best Tariff Plan in Lucknow

The Indian government knows that Internet broadband services are important for the country welfare and growth of the youth. The RailWire project enabled 400 railway stations with free internet broadband, and it tells you the importance of the global phenomenon.

For a common citizen like myself require an Internet connection to connect, talk, create, edit, and grow on a daily basis. We spend hours in front of the PC to create and deliver the work for the clients and the readers like you guys.

Internet connection necessity and many companies have come forward in the competitive sector to offer the best packages and connections to the average consumers. Now, Tikona has spent millions of dollars on advertising their ISP all over India.

What is Tikona?

The company Tikona is a registered ISP provider in India, who have spent millions of dollars on advertising and expanded their services all over India. At some point, they were ruling service provider space in many leading cities. However, the time has affected their sales and declined their customer base in the last five years.

The company had to pull all of their services in many cities and eliminated services in many leading states. But, they are still active in many leading countries, and they have huge active wired connections that would take years for major companies like Reliance, Airtel, Act Corp to build.

Tikona Broadband Related FAQ

The company Tikona is a registered ISP provider in India, who have spent millions of dollars on advertising and expanded their services all over India. At some point, they were ruling service provider space in many leading cities. However, the time has affected their sales and declined their customer base in the last five years.

Tikona Infinet Limited, referred to simply as Tikona, is an Indian Internet service provider based in Mumbai. Tikona has an all-India Class-A ISP licence granted by the Ministry of Communications, government of India. For More Deatils about Tikona just go https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tikona_Infinet_Limited.

Go to https://selfcare.tikona.in/ this website and Enter your username/user ID and ENTER password otherwise you can change further login methods then you can Fill in the relevant information and click on " sign in ".

Internet speed is the measure of how quickly information is transferred to your device. It is represented as Mbps (Mega bits per second). On the other hand, data usage is the measure of how much data you’re consuming. It is generally represented in the form of GB (Giga Byte). It is important to know the difference between “b” and “B” in Internet parlance. The small b stands for bit, while the capital B represents Byte. One “Byte” equals 8 bits.

Tikona Unlimited Plans are truly unlimited. You can consume as much data as you want without the speed being choked at any time. The FUP (Fair usage policy) based plans have data consumption limits, after which the speeds are limited. While choosing an unlimited data plan, it is important to know the actual flavour and the consumption limits.

Go to https://selfcare.tikona.in/ website this page is login page here you can access your account details.

tikona Broadband service can be connected to a Wi-Fi Router to get the internet service over Wi-Fi. The router requires some basic configuration to connect to your device. It is important to choose the correct router for desired speed categories.

Tikona Broadband is available in select areas. To provide connectivity, a feasibility study has to be conducted. go to this link get new connection and we will get back to you. Alternatively, you can contact this helpline number 1800-266-9152.

Go to tikona broadband plans this website and then click the plan And Pricing tab which is "tikona plan" now you can go and just check out.

Go to https://selfcare.tikona.in/# Fill in the relevant information and put it the OTP which is registered mobile number and then click on "submit". This action will change your password immediately. After successful validation of your ID, your current password will be reset, and the new password will be sent on your Email id registered with us.

According to tikona broadband & your research, now you can consider the appropriate plan for you. Go for a plan that gives you more freedom and seamless internet experience. If you love binge-watching Netflix or often video call friends or family then you would want to have a glitch- and buffer-free experience. Be it work, research or college assignment, getting results or outputs on time is what matters. Make sure your plan provides you lag-free experience.

You may choose and change to the plan of your choice by calling the Call Centre (1860 3000 3434 ) or intimating your Local Cable Operator at any time. However, the plan change will be effective from the date of next renewal. Such intimation is sent to the user via SMS to the registered mobile number.

Establishing an internet connection from tikona broadband is very simple and their customers can even try it themselves. There are a few basic steps follow them. 1) Select “Start”, 2) Select “Control Panel” 3) Select “Network and Sharing Center” 4) Select “View Status” 5) Select “Properties” 6) Put a “checkmark” next to Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) 7) Select “OK”

Sales 1860 3000 3434 (9am – 5pm Mon-Fri)Customer Service 1860 3000 3434 (10am – 8pm AEST Mon-Fri)Technical Hotline 3945 3434 Prefix your local STD code as per your city while calling. (Example: 022-39453434 for Mumbai) Here are some of the frequently asked questions. For further queries, please feel free to contact us at 1860 3000 3434 or e-mail us at sales@tikona.in

Bill for the connection is generated along with renewal of a connection on prepaid mode. This bill is dispatched to the user electronically. Payment is generally collected by the Local service Operator and deposited with tikona. Customer also has the option of paying online through the tikona website. Payment receipt and acknowledgement is sent via SMS to registered mobile number.

It would be very easy to tikona bill online payment mode is available. tic fiber accepts online payments just click to pay online & all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

tikona broadband PriceInternet service provider bears a lot of cost and expense to get the connection active. The company cannot bear the cost of Installation, so they push it to customers, but they try to make the cost as low as possible to lower the burden on the new customers.But, there’s always a small cost that you have to pay additional as Installation charges. The installation charges invested in buying the wire and modem that used to give you an active connection.Tikona Broadband charges you Rs.500 additional for the Installation process.
tikona broadband AvailabilityTikona did not build the whole cable internet services all over India all by themselves. The company used local operators and leading network to build the cable empire throughout many leading cities.Tikona broadband can reach anywhere in India, and if they are not available, then you will get a call from Airtel. If you are getting a connection from Tikona, then you can consider that they are from Airtel.However, the Tikona customer base has fallen to earth in many states, so we cannot tell if they are available in your city. You can call their customer care to find the availability in your region.

tikona broadband ServiceISP: They provide Internet services all over India as of now because the company acquired by telecom giant Airtel. Bharti Airtel acquired the Tikona ISP because it has 4G spectrum for Rs.400 crores.FUP: Yes, there will be a FUP set to every plan you are going to select, so make sure to reach about it on the official website. Sometimes, the presenter of Tikona may give you misleading information.Packages: The Company has built its connections and handled cable3 services extremely well throughout India. The Internet speed starts from 512KBPS to 10MBPS. Every package offered by the Tikona has a set of speeds, so make sure to check twice and compare it with other networks.Office: If you are a small or big company, then you can check out their packages, and higher packages for your company.

tikona broadband SpeedThe Internet speed is a major factor today because an average video on YouTube takes 1MBPS connection to watch 360P without buffering. If there are multiple users in one home, then you need more than 5MBPS.You can take my place for example, and we started with 512KBPS because we had only one user. Now, we have multiple active users, and the package upgraded to 80MBPS. In our point of view, speed determines in two ways.One: Does the company deliver the speed they promise to the customers?Two: Does the rival ISP provides better speed at the same price range?These two factors matter every time you consider a new connection. We will tell you our review, in the end, so make sure to read to the end. The official package with speed listed below.Basic: You get unlimited (FUP exists) with Internet speed is 4MBPS, and the monthly charges Rs.699.Medium: You get unlimited (FUP 90GB) with Internet speed is 10MBPS, and the monthly charges Rs.4074.Highest: You get unlimited (FUP 150GB) with Internet speed is 10MBPS, and the monthly charges Rs.8388.

tikona brodband SupportI would like to remind you that we will share our review, in the end, so read the end part.The Tikona does have customer support that helps you resolve issues regarding their Internet connections. The company added Customer Care (1860 3000 3434) years ago, and it is active to this date. You don’t have to worry about communication.But, there’s a catch, which nobody tells until you are the subscriber.

tikona broadband ReviewWe are going to tell you the unbiased review about Tikona Broadband.SPEED & Performance: Everything begins with Internet speed and performance of the connectivity, right? If we don’t get the speed and performance, we panic, and we complain about it.Many customers have complained that they don’t get the speed they promised in many locations. On Weekends the speed drops to half of the promised speed. It happens because many users use it at once, but reputed companies prepare themselves. When the FUP limit reaches, then they provide 512KBPS, but customers get less than promised speed.Tikona did a poor job here regarding speed and performance! We will get to the support part below.Customer Support: Tikona rely on local providers for solving physical problems. If your local provider is responsible, then you get amazing service, but they are weak and irresponsible, then you are doomed.Regarding customer support, you cannot expect anything from Tikona.Fraudulent Activity: You get hear stories from many users that Tikona tried to charge customers falsely, which is a MASSIVE problem.We have read many reviews that had similar situations. The cost of the modem provided by HATHWAY is Rs.500, and they are even providing Wifi router with Modem less than Rs.1500 today.Packages or Plans: Currently, we are using a local internet service provider.The above statistics snapshot was taken to prove out point, and the ISP promised 80MBPS speed, but we get above 80MBPS every single day, even on Saturdays, and Sundays. We are using this service since 2013, and we pay Rs.500 monthly to the service provider.Our local provider has beaten every single major service provider regarding service and speed.We called them when we had internet issues, and they sent a serviceman in just ten minutes. Of course, it has one disadvantage, and we have connection issues five times a month for minutes to an hour
Tikona became a worthless company because HCL acquired Tikona, then they sold it to Airtel 4G. The HCL and Airtel have their agenda, and they are using Tikona’s strength to make their services better. Avoid Tikona at all costs, and it would be our opinion. 

Plans & Pricing

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Shobha Patwal - November 24, 2018 @ 12:40

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Provide best services.


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