The Indian government knows that Internet broadband services are important for the country welfare and growth of the youth. The RailWire project enabled 400 railway stations with free internet broadband, and it tells you the importance of the global phenomenon.

For a common citizen like myself require an Internet connection to connect, talk, create, edit, and grow on a daily basis. We spend hours in front of the PC to create and deliver the work for the clients and the readers like you guys.

Internet connection necessity and many companies have come forward in the competitive sector to offer the best packages and connections to the average consumers. Now, Tikona has spent millions of dollars on advertising their ISP all over India.

What is Tikona?

The company Tikona is a registered ISP provider in India, who have spent millions of dollars on advertising and expanded their services all over India. At some point, they were ruling service provider space in many leading cities. However, the time has affected their sales and declined their customer base in the last five years.

The company had to pull all of their services in many cities and eliminated services in many leading states. But, they are still active in many leading countries, and they have huge active wired connections that would take years for major companies like Reliance, Airtel, Act Corp to build.