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TIC Fiber Broadband or Thamizhaga Internet Communication Pvt. LTD is the new broadband internet service provider in Chennai. This company is build up with advanced network infrastructure to provide all the benefits of superfast internet with reliable services. Compare to other Fiber broadband; TIC Fiber Chennai promises to provide hassle-free internet in Chennai and throughout Tamil Nadu. They especially use the Fiber optic cable in replace of copper cable to run the internet with high bandwidth and transfer speed.

Therefore, there are many things still available for you all to know about this TIC Fiber Broadband Chennai. Here in this article ‘TIC Fiber Broadband Review,’ we are going to reveal every detail related to this internet service provider in Chennai for you all. Before choosing this company, you can read out the whole detail and gather the ideas about plans, prices, service, support and features of this company. Without taking more time to let us have a look at the details given below.

Tic Fiber Broadband Related FAQ

The TICFIBER ( Thamizhaga Internet Communications Pvt Ltd ) is Chennai's new fiber network. It’s designed to provide you with access to all the benefits of fast and reliable internet services, wherever you live.

TCCL ( Thamizhaga Cable TV Cable Communications Pvt Ltd ) - Leading MSO in TAMILNADU is our Parent Company. TCCL full filled the Televison Customers through their Unintreptted, High Defination Telecast. Now they are in INTERNET World to full fill the Broadband Users through TICFIBER. Getting connected For More Deatils about TCCL just go http://tccl.co.in/.

Go to https://myaccount.ticfiber.in/ this website and then click to "VISIT CUSTOMER LOGIN" Enter your username/user ID and ENTER password otherwise you can change further login methods then you can Fill in the relevant information and click on " sign in ".

Internet speed is the measure of how quickly information is transferred to your device. It is represented as Mbps (Mega bits per second). On the other hand, data usage is the measure of how much data you’re consuming. It is generally represented in the form of GB (Giga Byte). It is important to know the difference between “b” and “B” in Internet parlance. The small b stands for bit, while the capital B represents Byte. One “Byte” equals 8 bits.

Tic fiber Unlimited Plans are truly unlimited. You can consume as much data as you want without the speed being choked at any time. The FUP (Fair usage policy) based plans have data consumption limits, after which the speeds are limited. While choosing an unlimited data plan, it is important to know the actual flavour and the consumption limits.

Go to https://myaccount.ticfiber.in/ website this page is login page here you can access your account details.

TIC fIber Broadband service can be connected to a Wi-Fi Router to get the internet service over Wi-Fi. The router requires some basic configuration to connect to your device. It is important to choose the correct router for desired speed categories.

TIC fIber Broadband is available in select areas. To provide connectivity, a feasibility study has to be conducted. go to this link http://www.ticfiber.in/ and we will get back to you. Alternatively, you can contact this helpline number 044 - 6610 6666.

Go to https://gbpsbroadband.com/review/tic-fiber-broadband-review/ this website and then click the 4th tab which is "tic fiber plan" now you can go and just check out.

Go to Fill in the relevant information and put it the OTP which is registered mobile number and then click on "submit". This action will change your password immediately. After successful validation of your ID, your current password will be reset, and the new password will be sent on your Email id registered with us.

According to tic fiber broadband & your research, now you can consider the appropriate plan for you. Go for a plan that gives you more freedom and seamless internet experience. If you love binge-watching Netflix or often video call friends or family then you would want to have a glitch- and buffer-free experience. Be it work, research or college assignment, getting results or outputs on time is what matters. Make sure your plan provides you lag-free experience.

You may choose and change to the plan of your choice by calling the Call Centre (044 - 6610 6666) or intimating your Local Cable Operator at any time. However, the plan change will be effective from the date of next renewal. Such intimation is sent to the user via SMS to the registered mobile number.

Establishing an internet connection from wishnet broadband is very simple and their customers can even try it themselves. There are a few basic steps follow them. 1) Select “Start”, 2) Select “Control Panel” 3) Select “Network and Sharing Center” 4) Select “View Status” 5) Select “Properties” 6) Put a “checkmark” next to Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) 7) Select “OK”

Sales 044 - 6610 6666 (9am – 5pm Mon-Fri)Customer Service 044 - 6610 6666 (10am – 7pm AEST Mon-Fri)Technical Support 044 - 6610 6666 (24/7) Here are some of the frequently asked questions. For further queries, please feel free to contact us at 044 - 6610 6666 or e-mail us at sales@ticfiber.in

Bill for the connection is generated along with renewal of a connection on prepaid mode. This bill is dispatched to the user electronically. Payment is generally collected by the Local Cable Operator and deposited with tic fiber. Customer also has the option of paying online through the tic fiber website. Payment receipt and acknowledgement is sent via SMS to registered mobile number.

It would be very easy to tic fiber bill online payment mode is available. tic fiber accepts online payments & all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

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Speed is the most important need now a day for every user, which they want from every internet service provider. Depending on this need, TIC Fiber broadband provides you up to 150 Mbps of speed based on various plans. You can also choose the lower speed range like 20 Mbps, 50 Mbps, etc. according to your need.

Fiber Broadband Connection:

TIC Broadband Chennai is mainly known for their high-speed optic Fiber internet. In this connection, you can avail different speed limit like 20 Mbps, 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps and more according to your need. They use the Fiber optic cable in replace of copper cables to serve the highest speed as possible. Another thing is that the TIC Fiber broadband is powered by TCCL.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Connection:

Besides Fire broadband, you can also avail for the Wi-Fi hotspot connection from TIC Fiber connects the Internet. Here you can pay the bill according to your usage. If you want to pause the internet usage in the connection, then the bill will also get paused accordingly. You can choose the WI-FI hotspot plans according to a monthly and yearly basis as well. You can also avail unlimited wireless broadband here.


Talking about the sales and service of TIC Fiber Broadband then this company is available to provide their service in entire Tamil Nadu. TIC Fiber Service team is always ready to deliver the quality services in your preferred premises like home, school, offices, universities, small business center etc. Without any doubt, you can now switch to TIC Fiber broadband connection if you need the best broadband to solve your internet network needs.


After providing you the broadband service by TIC Fibernet Chennai, they remain 24Hrs available to give you supports related to any issues in their internet. If you are facing any problem regarding speed and connection, then feel free to give a call to the technical team following the contact given below. Our trained engineers of the technical team will visit your spot to solve the problem as soon as possible.




No. 14, Venugopal Avenue, Spur Tank Road, Chetpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – Pin 600031


Sales044 – 6610 6666 (9am – 5pm Mon-Fri)TIC Fiber Broadband Customer Care Service044 – 6610 6666 (10am – 7pm Mon-Fri)Technical Support044 – 6610 6666 (24/7)


Monday: Open 24 Hours.Tuesday: Open 24 Hours.Wednesday: Open 24 Hours.Thursday: Open 24 Hours.Friday: Open 24 Hours.Saturday: Open 24 Hours.Sunday: Open 24 Hours.
ko infocom broadband review, gbpsbroadband, gbps broadbandCurrently TIC Fiber Broadband is available almost in every area of Tamil Nadu. However, mainly they set up their infrastructure in the Chennai Circle to circulate it all over in Tamil Nadu. They use the most advanced technology in their network to provide uninterrupted services even multiple users remain connected to a single network. So you can avail TIC Fibernet to solve the internet purpose in your home, office, school, industries, hospitals, and many more premises as well.
TIC Fiber Fibernet plans, and prices are given here to choose according to the customers need. They provide you various deals based on monthly and yearly period depending on your usage. So, have a look at the plans and prices given below. For more plans, you can also visit the official website of TIC Fiber broadband,i.e., www.ticfiber.inTIC Fiber Plans offers:
That is all about TIC Fiber broadband Review, which all the customers need to know before choosing this Internet Service Provider to solve their need. Here we have listed all the important points related to plans, prices, service, support, pros and cons of TIC Fiber connect Internet Chennai. Besides this company, you can also opt for other ISP in Chennai. However, according to our viewpoint, TIC Fiber Broadband is one of the best companies to full-fill your internet need in entire Tamil Nadu. Hope the information given here is helpful to you all. If you are satisfied, then feel free to share this information with others as well.if you check any other broadband then you will check it here so Click Here I know that you can definitely choose the right one.

Plans & Pricing

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Plan NameInternet SpeedMonthly data limit (Download + Upload)*Extra GBPost FUP SpeedMonthly Rental (Rs.)


  • TIC Fibernet Broadband connection serves you advance technology based Fiber optic internet with un-interrupted bandwidth speed.
  • You can avail TIC Fiber Broadband deals,and other TIC Broadband Plans offers with more value packs.
  • Choose up to 150 Mbps of high-speed internet from the TIC Fiber internet server.
  • A user can check the speed test of this internet service provider to know exactly what they are giving.
  • There are no hidden charges behind the installation and monthly bill.
  • Fast and Friendly TIC Fiber support team available to solve your problem in every need.


  • Services not available outside the Tamil Nadu Region.
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4 User Reviews
Vatsal Singh

Vatsal Singh - June 3, 2019 @ 04:09

  • Customer Service & Support:
  • Speed & Reliability:
  • Pricing & Plans:
  • Satisfaction:
  • Overall:

This is most probably a fraud company. Just to give an idea about problems, I am forwarding a mail I wrote to them today-
“I am writing this email after contacting the customer care through
phone multiple times over past week without any response.

My username is pdy.vatsalsingh. Broadband connection taken near JIPMER

I had taken this broadband connection about 4-5 months back. I had
paid around 18,000 rupees for whole one year plan along with the
cables cost. Following are the issues-

1. Net disruption is very frequent and the local person takes multiple
days to respond. This time it is disconnected for almost a week, every
day I am making calls and writing wats app messages to this local
provider named “KARTHIK” but he does not pick up calls or responds to
messages. I have made multiple complaints on customer care phone
number but they always say the same line that somebody will contact me
but that does not happen. I have even told them to terminate this
connection but they don’t respond.

2. I had paid around 18,000 rupees for one year plan and cable costs.
However, last month my net got disconnected for non-payment of bills.
On complaining multiple times to the local person, he got it started
after few days. Still on inquiring with customer care, I was told that
my account is valid till coming 21st only. So, clearly money taken
from me has not been put into the account.

I want strict and urgent action to be taken against these local people
here. If that is not possible, I want this connection to be terminated
asap. After so many months of complaining, I have no option left but
to go to Consumer Court.”

No repsonse from their side yet

So never choose them

This is most probably a fraud company. Just to give an idea about problems, I am forwarding a mail I wrote to them today-

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Satisfied Customer

Satisfied Customer - August 21, 2019 @ 07:46

  • Customer Service & Support:
  • Speed & Reliability:
  • Pricing & Plans:
  • Satisfaction:
  • Overall:

One of the best fraudulent service..

Don’t know why exactly customer service is there..
Whatever you ask them.. They just have one sentence. “Please contact operator”..

And operator says that you are paying through online so, need to provide additional amount if in case internet is down. If you pay by cash, amount would be 800 and plus due to services charges for every month.

May i know, what is the difference between paying through digital or by cash?

Seems like they won’t welcome/like with Digital India concept.

For every month, there is 30 days as per the Earth. But for TIC Fiber, only 10 to 15 days for month. because they are providing internet only for 10 to 15 days.

Are you guys are far away from Earth?

I really appreciate Customer service, they do what they can. But regarding the Management and rules, i don’t have words for them.

Can you please let us know who provided authorization for you to locate your branch in Earth?.

Some words to Operator, don’t know what does he think about himself. Might be he feels like he is only the King of Fiber world.

I am asking a simple question to him “why should i pay” and the operator replies as “you are not allowed to ask this question”.

For the god sake, any please let him know that am paying the amount.

Further conversation from the Operator…
—————- Start of Operator Conversation————————-

You are paying through digital method. Did i ever asked you(me) why you are paying through digital. For every month, we ask extra charges from other customers i.e., 250 or more. For example, a Internet service station, we are charging 250 for every month which is extra amount than original bill.

We are just asking minimal amount from you i.e., 755 only.

—————– End of Conversation————————-

Actually i would like to complaint to Google Engine to provide infinity star rating option.

I need to give infinity star rating for their excellent service by TIC company (really i don’t it is a company or something).

Your’s lovingly,
Much more lovable customer.

One of the best fraudulent service..
Don’t know why exactly customer service is there..
Whatever you ask them.. They just have one sentence. “Please contact operator”..
And operator says that you are paying through online so, need

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ganesh - November 11, 2019 @ 03:02

  • Customer Service & Support:
  • Speed & Reliability:
  • Pricing & Plans:
  • Satisfaction:
  • Overall:

Dont go blindly guys Ticfiber website says 100mbps UL for 999rs but im from mamallapuram here they collecting 100mbps UL for 2124rs 40mbps UL for 1400rs


Gokul - March 12, 2020 @ 14:00

  • Customer Service & Support:
  • Speed & Reliability:
  • Pricing & Plans:
  • Satisfaction:
  • Overall:

Worst service in Chennai…. They are telling advanced technology, but I m damn sure, they are provide the promised service.

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  • Pricing & Plans:
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