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Finding the best broadband in Hyderabad is not that difficult. Everyone is looking for a high-speed broadband connection but finding the best one is quite tricky if you are new in this zone. We have picked a great broadband service provider for you so that you can enjoy the high speed for 24*7. We want to recommend you the Excell Broadband review. Excell internet is one of the highly professional internet service provider company launched in the year 1998.Excell broadband service provider is successful in the marketing field as they continuously fulfill the needs and requirements of clients by providing the best quality service. Excell broadband service provider is completely different from other operators as well as this service offers lots of advantages for the customers which we are going to disclose in this article. Well, we are going toExcell Broadband Review reveal all the important details starting from the Excell service to the Excel plans and many more. So, have a look.if you check any other broadband then you will check it here so Click Here I know that you can definitely choose the right one.

Techyon broadband Connection typeSPEED:

Coming to the speed, everyone is looking for high speed as it always matters in the broadband connection. Well, Excell provides 100 MBPS speed depending on the plans.


Excel offers internet through the optical fiber connection as optical fiber helps to use in fiber-optic communication that enables to allow transmission over longer distances as well as higher bandwidth 


Ethernet is all about shielded copper cable and it is used for delivering internet. Sometimes Excell’s internet is delivered in this Ethernet cable from the users nearby optical fiber node. Moreover, the optical fiber nodes cover the distance almost 100 meters away from the users.


Excel offers free Wi-Fi connection as it has become a newly updated mode in delivering internet services.


Excell broadband offers high-speed internet and some value-added related services. Excell broadband connection is a completely permanent and reliable connection as their service is available for home, office, corporate area, etc. Moreover, Excell broadband offers free Wi-Fi router service, free Excell broadband installation charges. 


As we know, technical support facility quite matters for everyone because if they are not well responsive, then people are facing a lot of problems. But, here in Excell broadband review, you are completely tension free regarding technical support facility. Excell broadband customer care provides specialists technical support team as they are highly-skilled and well-communicated too. So, regarding the service, if you have any doubt, then you can contact them through the phone as they have provided Excell broadband contact number.OFFICE ADDRESS:Registered and Corporate Office:Excell Media Private Limited8-2-268/N/28/A/2, Quinn House,Road No.2, Banjara Hills,Hyderabad, Telangana, India-500034Email Id: info@excellmedia.netHyderabad:8-2-269/3/F4, Ground Floor, Road No.3,Aurora Colony, Banjara Hills,Hyderabad, Telangana, India-500034CONTACT NO:040-44788888
Excell broadband connection is available in many places as we have provided all the names of those cities so that you can know about all the location where Excell service is present right now. You can check out the locations in the following.
  • Excell Broadband Akividu
  • Excell Broadband Bhimavaram
  • Excell Broadband Chandragiri
  • Excell Broadband Chirala
  • Excell Broadband Chilakaluripet
  • Excell Broadband Eluru
  • Excell Broadband Guntur
  • Excell Broadband Gudiwada
  • Excell Broadband Gannavaram
  • Excell Broadband Hyderabad, Telangana
  • Excell Broadband Hanuman Junction
  • Excell Broadband Jaggayyapet
  • Excell Broadband Kakinada
  • Excell Broadband Kavali
  • Excell Broadband Kodad
  • Excell Broadband Kanchikacherla
  • Excell Broadband Khammam
  • Excell Broadband Kondapally
  • Excell Broadband Manchilipatnam
  • Excell Broadband Mandapet
  • Excell Broadband Madanapalle
  • Excell Broadband Mangalagiri
  • Excell Broadband Nandigama
  • Excell Broadband Narasaraopeta
  • Excell Broadband Nidadavolu
  • Excell Broadband Nuzivid
  • Excell Broadband Ongole
  • Excell Broadband Palakol
  • Excell Broadband Piduguralla
  • Excell Broadband Pune
  • Excell Broadband Rajahmundry
  • Excell Broadband Ramachandrapuram
  • Excell broadband Sattenapalli
  • Excell Broadband Tanuku
  • Excell Broadband Tadepalligudem
  • Excell Broadband Tiruvuru
  • Excell Broadband Tenali
  • Excell Broadband Tirupathi
  • Excell Broadband Tuni
  • Excell Broadband Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
  • Excell Broadband Vishakhapatnam
  • Excell Broadband Vuyyuru
Coming to the Excell broadband unlimited plans and price category, well Excell fiber net plans offers Single user plans, SOHO plans and Public IP plans for the customers. Now, you can easily access the internet at high speed as we have picked great broadband service for you. Well, Excell has designed their plans in a very creative way as they kept many plans category so that everyone can choose the plan depending on their needs and requirements. Moreover, when you are going to choose their plan to make sure you apply for your location because Excell provides many plans according to the location. Check out all the Excell broadband Hyderabad plans in the following. To know the other plans for other locations, you need to visit their website. Here is the link.Excell Broadband plans 1,gbpsbroadband, gbps broadbandExcell Broadband plans 1,gbpsbroadband, gbps broadbandExcell Broadband plans 1,gbpsbroadband, gbps broadband
You can apply for this Excell service without any hesitation as we have explained all the Excell broadband deals here. So, what you are waiting for? Hope so the above information is enough to understand about Excell broadband Hyderabad review as we have provided pros and cons too so that you can know the good and bad side of this service. Share this article with your friends and relatives so that they can understand about Excell cheap broadband.if you check any other broadband then you will check it here so Click Here I know that you can definitely choose the right one.

Plans & Pricing

Plan NameInternet SpeedMonthly data limit (Download + Upload)*Extra GBPost FUP SpeedMonthly Rental (Rs.)


  • Fast and unlimited internet service provider.
  • Cheap broadband deals.
  • Excell broadband data usage is limited up to 100 MBPS speed 99% service on time.
  • Available in many other cities
  • Excell provides decent customer care executive team.
  • Excell broadband Hyderabad customer care number is provided.
  • No Excell broadband complaints from the customer till now as they offer the best quality service.
  • For Excell broadband bill payment, you can easily pay bills through online mode, all you need to put customer ID and phone number and then submit.


  • Office timings is not provided.
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Rajesh - March 26, 2019 @ 13:17

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I strongly recommend as i have tried all other services and finally struck with their speeds and reliability. Happy to be a customer of Excell broadband

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