Asianet Broadband is one of the broadband company in India which provide the flashgrip services with its Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd. In 1993 this company was established in Kerala and now it has become one of the best leaders in ISP in India. According to TRAI-Telecom Regulatory of India, Asianet Broadband has rated among the top 20 Internet Service Providers of India. This company has grown very fast in terms of using the latest technology. They use the state of art DOCSIS technology on their internet which has adopted by the world leader in the space of the Internet.

With above 1,70,000 home, corporate and SME customers, Asianet broadband is an alone company in Kochi, Kerala that achieves a large scale of enterprise users with their preferred services. Besides internet broadband, this company also covered the cities, villages, towns in Kerala with their Cable TV network. In terms of the Cable TV network, this is also considered as the market leader in Kochi. There are more details still available about Asianet Broadband which we are going to revel in this review now.

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