Airtel broadband is one of the popular and trusted brands in the Indian market, and the company is utilizing the brand value extremely well. The Bharti Airtel holds their ground in Telecom Communication industry, where the company has expanded and acquired many Internet broadbands for connections.

Airtel Broadband has invested millions of dollars in the infrastructure and services. We are going to review the Airtel Broadband services in India and tell you the truth about their services.


Now, we have to look at the old customer of Airtel broadband to give you an inside look at their services. No one can tell you more about Airtel broadband than existing and old customers.

1: We have seen that many customers have complained that they did not get a connection from Airtel for weeks. The customers have paid the amount in advance, but they did not get a connection for weeks. It has happened to someone we know as well.

It seems like Airtel Broadband does not have the infrastructure in many cities to give the connections.

2: Another customer complained that he did not get the connection speed offered by Airtel. Also complained about the corrupted agent, delays, misleading people, and unprofessional agents of Airtel in the specific area.

The customer did get the connection in the end, but the speed was unsatisfactory because the Airtel broadband could not provide 16MBPS speed and he was getting only 2MBPS speed.

3:  We thought it would be better to give you recent feedback and an old customer complained that Airtel Broadband investing plenty of money in advertisements and promotions, but the services remain poor.

It would be better if the Airtel conducts on-floor check if they want a stable customer base.