People confuse themselves when it comes to the leased line and broadband connections, and they don’t know where to seek for the right answer. Unfortunately, there aren’t many helpful articles that explain the technology of internet service providers and leased line providers.

We are not going to skip the important points, but what we are going to do to explain the complex operations, and technology involved in the lease line in few simple words.

Difference between Broadband and Leased Line

Don’t get confused between Broadband, and Leased line because they both are a different technology, and they both serve different purposes.


Leased line vs broadbandLease Line:

A leased line a dedicated line that corporate company and regional offices use to stay connected to one branch to another branch. The leased line does not have downtime, and anyone can rent the line on a monthly plan or yearly plan. A leased line is not a dedicated cable connection, but a connection line that anyone can rent.

The companies rent the lease line to stay in connection to a branch long distance or a short distance to send/receive data without any interruptions. The telephone landline connections use lease line to start a conversation from one line to another line.

In India, the lease line technology spread across India, and it is the strongest communication line we have today.


Internet Broadband Connections are inexpensive when compared to lease line because it is not dedicated, and ISP providers can give an Internet to anyone in the region from a long distance, or a short. It isn’t a private connection like Lease Line because multiple people can use the same connection to connect to one and another.

Internet connections are public connections that anyone can get their hands on it, while lease line is a private connection between one company head office to their branches. Internet broadband service is also cheaper because it allows the ISP to collect charge a reasonable price from each customer to make it cheaper.

Consistent speed

Leased Line vs BroadBandI think it would make a huge difference in speed, so keep reading to understand the difference in download and upload speed.

Lease Line:

A leased line is a private connection between head office to branches (it can be one branch to ten branches in any distance.) A leased line does not have a limit like in the download and upload speed. The company, or paying customer can select the package, and they can even opt for 100MBPS connection.

In the leased line, the dedicated line delivers 100MBPS download speed, and 100MBPS upload speed, and it does not go down on any working day, or during the weekend. Only company employees use the leased line, so the traffic on the platform will be less even on weekends.


In the Internet broadband connection, the number of customers used in a region is higher, and the Internet download speed and upload speed will be different. If you have opted 100MBPS plan, then you will get less download speed, and even less upload speed because the same connection is shared by hundreds of customer in the same area.

During working days, the Internet speed will be decent, but the speed declines on weekends in broadband connections because the activity will be higher on weekends like Saturday, Sundays, and Public holiday.

It applies to Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL,) Cable Modems, Wireless Broadband, Wireless Cell Phone Internet, and Satellite Broadband

Reliability and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Leased Line vs BroadBandService level agreement stands for the number of services, and support by the service provider to customers.

Lease Line:

The corporate companies invest plenty of money in the packages, and they expect no less customer service and customer support. The corporate companies have access to the manager, who will take care of their issues, and solves them immediately.

I’m sure that it wouldn’t come as a surprise that they get special treatment.


The broadband has a customer support, and they are available 24/7, or 12/7 a week. The customer support listens to your problems, and they have the power to raise a ticket, then an engineer will be assigned to solve the issue.

However, the majority of the broadband customer service is not good! They lack communication between Engineer and Customers.

Features and Benefits of Leased Line Over Broadband

Majority of the people don’t know the subject in-depth, and they miss the ideal opportunity for their businesses.

No Bandwidth Sharing

The pricing is really high for a leased line because it is a dedicated line, and it takes a lot of manpower, and technology to provide a consistent connection. It also comes with the benefit of “all for one.” In this theory, the head office, and branches can utilise the unlimited bandwidth, and they don’t have to share bandwidth with each other.

No Contention

In leased line, only the employees of the head office, and branches are using, therefore, there will be less traffic compared to the broadband service.

In an Internet service, the number of connections is higher, then the download and upload speed will go down, and you have to fight for the speed.

In leased line, the private line has no competition, and no one to fight for the speed because the traffic is already less, and the speed will not be compromised on it.

Overall, the download and upload speed are consistent on a leased line.


A leased line is a private connection, and no third-party can penetrate the walls of the connection. Only people who are working in the company can manipulate the access codes, and then hack into the mainframe, but no third-party can breach the security lines.

In leased line, identifying the culprits is also easier than broadband connections, and it is one of the major reasons why experts suggest you use a VPN (virtual private network) in public WIFI connections.

Overall, the security on the leased line is better.

Better Quality Service

A leased line cost higher than a broadband connection, and the corporate companies expect A-class service, and they won’t tolerate improper service and behaviour from the customer support. In a few leased line providers, they provide a dedicated manager to the corporate companies because they can have better communication when a problem occurs.

When a technical issue occurs in leased lines, then the manager deploy the engineers to fix the problem immediately, and they finish the job as soon as possible.


If you are a business with branches across the city, then you should consider getting a leased line for your business because it creates better communication line. We assume that you have understood that a leased line is not for an individual, but an individual can opt for it, only when he or she can bear the additional charges.

Let us know if you have not understood any part in the comment section below.