Now, in India, users can experience a high level of broadband facilities as Jio Fiber has officially launched on September 5th this year.  The fastest speed is the only criteria for broadband service that a customer needs. Now, Jio Fiber is available in many cities with exciting plans. What are you thinking? Have you made your mind clear for Jio Fiber? Wait, guys, we are going to give you another option so that you can get to know them better services. There is one more competitor that is still going on in the race, and that is Hathway broadband connection. It is considered as one of the largest cable internet service providers in India, as they are providing high-level cable broadband service in many regions.

Today we bring these two sections together so that you can know the comparison between these two brands. Along with their similarity, we have explained below the price and plans, connection, and the rest is the conclusion. To know about all these details, you have to stay tuned with us. I hope so, after reading the whole article, you will get a better clarification about which one worth your money and time both.


Jio Fiber has launched in India as a fixed-line broadband space with exciting monthly plans, and that is starting from the range Rs 699 to Rs 8999. They are also providing additional benefits to please the customers like access to the OTT apps as well as premium goodies.  Moreover, Reliance is providing its affordable plan, and it is starting the range from 700 per month with a high speed of 100 Mbps.

On the other hand, Hathway is one of the broadband service providers which are giving fierce competition to Jio Fiber’s cheapest plan.  Even Hathway has also reopened one of the broadband plans for the Kolkata circle.  This facility has changed the scenario little bit as Hathway’s launched a plan for Kolkata and other cities following Jio Fiber launch, the plan charges only Rs 699 per month and according to their benefits, they can purchase it for upcoming next three months. For activation, users will have to pay Rs, 2097.  Along with this plan, Hathway will provide a Hathway playbox for free. So, overall, in terms of Hathway other broadband plans, you can get a full 100 Mbps speed along with 100GB data per month.

According to some reports, we have found that this new Rs 699 broadband plan comes with 100Mbps speed along with a Fair-usage policy. The plan charges for the said to cost 699 in Kolkata and few other cities, but in some other ports, such as Chennai, the plan costs Rs 949 per month. Moreover, if you are looking for any different Hathway plan, then the 150Mbps Hathway broadband plan comes with FUP, and that is available at Rs 1,499 per month.





get connection

When it comes to getting a new Hathway connection, then it’s very simple. All you need to visit their official website page, where you have to fill a form with your all required details and submit it. Further, if you face any problem regarding the new connection, you can contact their customer care service as they are available for 24*7.

For a new Jio Fiber connection, all you need to visit their official website page, as there you have to follow some procedure and fill the form. Hold on! There you need to fill some details like your original name, address, contact number, email-id, that’s all. Once you fill all these details, then they will be sent you an OTP number on your mobile, and you have to submit the number on the page for the verification process.


The above information are enough to understand the difference between both of the brands, if you want more details, then let us know in the below comment section box as we will try to gather more information regarding this. Moreover, if you use any one of these brands and good broadband experience, they also let us know your feedback so that we can know about your preference more. I hope so, now you can decide on your budget as we have given the price and packages of both these brands. While you choose the broadband connection, you need to be clear that you should get high-speed, best plans with other additional benefits.