Jio Fiber Vs Act Fibernet Plan 2020 |Broadband Plans Under Rs 2,000: Reliance Jio Fiber is now available commercially across India. The telco announced full details of its Jio Fiber data plans, offers and more.

The entry of Jio Fiber has surely caused a stir in the broadband market as the telco has many goodies to offer and at aggressive prices. Jio Fiber registrations are currently live and interested users can head to Jio’s official website for the same.

Here we take a look at Jio Fiber’s data plans and its rivals including Airtel V-Fiber, BSNL Bharat Fiber and ACT Fibernet.

Jio Fiber Vs Act Fibernet Plan

Jio Fiber data plans are categorized into bronze, silver, gold, diamond, platinum, and titanium. Jio Fiber Internet and Voice Call services come up with abundant features that enable you to avail multi-services by paying for one only.

If you are opting for Jio Fiber Internet or Voice Call Service, then you can freely watch TV with digital 4K Jio Set Top Box, enjoy Ultra HD Entertainment, Virtual Reality Content, Multi-party Video Conferencing, Interactive gaming, Voice enable Virtual assist, Home security, and Smart Home solutions. The Jio Fiber Tariffs are available on Four Powerful Principles.


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ACT Fibernet

ACT Fibernet competes directly with Jio Fiber in terms of 1Gbps speed. ACT Fibernet, however, offers 1Gbps broadband speeds only in Chennai and Bengaluru.

ACT broadband offers to speed up to 1 Gbps. Now, you can choose any plan depending on your needs and requirements. Well, speed may be varied according to the plan you choose. Their service is available at home, office, corporate area, etc.

ACT broadband monthly plan for Chennai is priced at Rs 2,999 and comes with 3000GB at 1Gbps speed. ACT Fibernet in Bengaluru is offered at Rs 5,999 with 2500GB data at 1Gbps speed.

ACT Fibernet also has broadband plans offering 100Mbps and 150Mbps speeds. In Delhi, ACT Silver Promo is priced at Rs 749 offering 500GB data at 100Mbps speed. The ACT Platinum Promo priced at Rs 999 offers 1000GB data at 150Mbps speed.

ACT broadband provider also offers the business plan, so now you can choose any plan depending on your business criteria.


Plan NameInternet Speed Monthly Data (Download + Upload)Post FUP SpeedMonthly Rental
ACT Advantage 100 Mbps500 GB1 Mbps₹ 749
ACT Lighting 150 Mbps1000 GB2 Mbps₹ 999
ACT Remarkable300 Mbps2500 GB3 Mbps₹ 1899


Plan NameInternet Speed Monthly Data (Download + Upload) Extra data Post FUP SpeedMonthly Rental
ACT Swift 40 Mbps200 GB512 Kbps₹ 685
ACT Rapid75Mbps350 GB1500 GB 512 Kbps ₹ 959
ACT Blaze100 Mbps450 GB1500 GB1 Mbps₹ 1059
ACT Storm150 Mbps650 GB1500 GB 1 Mbps ₹ 1159
ACT Lighting200 Mbps800 GB 1500 GB 1 Mbps ₹ 1399
ACT Incredible250 Mbps1000 GB1500 GB2 Mbps ₹ 1999
ACT Essential250 Mbps1500 GB1500 GB2 Mbps ₹ 2999
ACT Advance250 Mbps2000 GB1500 GB2 Mbps ₹ 3999
ACT Progress250 Mbps2500 GB1500 GB2 Mbps ₹ 4999
ACT GIGA1 Gbps3500 GB5 Mbps ₹ 5999

 If you have any doubt regarding this article Jio Fiber Vs Act Fibernet Plan and the service, then you can contact with the JIO Fiber customer care or ACT customer care the nearest store,

So, you do not need to concern about anything, JIO Fiber is the most promising network connection and nowadays it is the most running brand as well.

Once, you read this article“Jio Fiber Vs Act Fibernet Plan, you will get to know about everything as we have clearly mentioned the plans, packages and all. So, share this article with others and let them help to understand about JIO Fiber And ACT Fibernet.

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