Major broadband’s offering high-speed internet connections to the new customers. You are someone who has got a new connection and not able to get the full benefit of the high-speed and then makes sure to confirm if there’s any problem from your end. Your broadband company technicians won’t go through every aspect of the internet speed killer because they lack knowledge or they don’t want to invest more time solving the problem. There are things that you have to do it yourself, and we are going to help you try a few techniques that will help you solve your problem.

Checking Your Network devices connection

It might seem troubleshooting, but small changes make a big difference by the end of the day.

Run Broadband Speed Test:

First, we need to record the data on Internet Speed we are getting at the beginning. 1: Launch your browser. 2: Go to Google, and type “internet speed test” and hit enter. 3: Click on SpeedTest website by Ookla. 4: Click on “GO”, and it will begin checking your Internet speed you are getting as of now. In the snapshot above, you can record the current internet speed. Ping: The lower it is, the better performance you are going to get out of the service. Download: I’m going to get 93.80MBPS per second when I download anything online. Upload: When you upload Photos, Videos, and Documents on Dropbox, Social media, and websites, then I will get 94.60MBPS per second. Now, we have noted down our Internet connection, and then it’s time to move on to the second one.

2: Restart your modem:

Many users usually don’t turn their Modem or WIFI router for weeks. Honestly, even I use to keep my WIFI router on for weeks without giving it a rest. Remember, everything in this world requires time to rest and cool down their parts. And your modem and WIFI router is no different from any technology. I recommend you to turn off your Modem or Router for four hours. The IC’s in the modems usually get heated because the workload and the room temperature will make it worse. Don’t want to shorten the lifespan of your modem, right? Then give it four hours of rest. However, instead of restarting, why not reboot it? Do not worry; rebooting your modem and WIFI router won’t remove any files or settings you have saved to connect to the Internet. NOTE: Modems don’t come with the control panel. Make sure to give at least 4 hours of rest to the modem. 1: First login to your WIFI router. The default username and password is admin and admin or admin and password. 2: Click on System tools, and it will show you more options. 3: Now click on Reboot. Keep it in mind that the user interface will be different in every WIFI router and modem. 4: Your WIFI router will begin rebooting, and you will lose access to the Internet for three minutes. Your WIFI will be back within next five minutes; your internet speed will improve slightly.

3. Check The Source of Interference:

We have mentioned the word “Interference” because there are many programs installed on your Windows or Mac PC and they do download files from online in the background. In my case, it’s the Windows update. My Internet has gotten down for unknown reasons, but after few days I figured out that my Windows 10 was downloading the updates without my permission. How to disable Windows 10 updates? There are many ways, but let me show you one official method that will kill Windows update forever. 1: Go to Settings > WIFI. 2:  Click on “Manage known networks.” 3: Now, click once on the network you are connected, and then click on “properties.” 4: Now, set your network “METERED.” The metered option will tell the Windows that you are trying to save data, so you cannot update anything because the data is limited. You must identify the program or service that is downloading data from the background. We would like to give you one more lead, and it is you Anti-virus system, which updates program from the background. Do not turn off virus definitions or else, you are putting your PC at risk.

4. Call Your Internet Service Provider:

We won’t promise you that your ISP will solve your problem, but they can send certified engineers or trained engineers to your place to fix the Internet.

5. Relocate Your Wireless Network Router:

One of the major reasons why you are not getting full advantage of your Internet because of the WIFI is not able to connect to your devices like Smartphone’s, Laptop (WIFI enabled), and Tablet. Your WIFI has limited area coverage, which could be one of the contributing factors to kill the speed. You can relocate your WIFI router to a place, where the signals are reaching equally to all devices everywhere at your home or office.

6. Check the Connected Devices on Your Network:

Many of you forget to keep an eye on your WIFI router activity, which gives an opening to people connected to your network and using it for a while without your knowledge. Branded WIFI routers manufacturers do give you a feature that tells you some devices connected to your PC. 1: Login to your router. 2: Now click on “Wireless > Wireless Statistics”, and you can see the number of devices connected to your router. When you find a device that you don’t recognise, then you better change your password immediately. You also have the option to change your network name, which is recommended!

Optimizing Your Computer and Network

We are going to tell you the best way to optimise your PC to increase overall performance, which reflects on your Internet speed.

1. Run spyware anti-malware and Adware cleaner:

We always recommend you to keep your Windows PC clean from Virus, Adware, Malware, and Spyware. If you have a genuine copy of Windows 10, then you don’t need to worry about it because Windows Defender will protect you. However, we do not recommend you Windows Defender because it does have flaws that you don’t want to have it on your PC. We are using Avast Free Antivirus (6 Years,) and Avast Internet Security (9 months) for a long time. We recommend you to give the free version and the paid version a try because they are proven to protect your PC from privacy invaders. To get rid of the Malware on your Windows PC, you can download and use free-version of Malwarebytes. You might not know, but this unknown Virus, Adware, Malware, and Spyware files use the Internet to receive and send information that cost you data and speed. We would like to inform you that Avast gives you a one-year-free license if you register an account and Malwarebytes will provide free SCANS, but real-time is not available in free version. Malwarebytes is not a heavy program, so don’t worry about slowing down your PC.

2. Update browser:

Unfortunately, there are many users in South Asia countries, who don’t think that they should update their browser because it won’t make any difference to them. Allow us to tell you that technology is changing rapidly and many websites are upgrading like YouTube, Blogs, Banking websites, and more. Every developer introducing ways to compress data, take leverage of the cache, and use cookies properly. If you don’t update your browser, then these websites won’t be able to take advantage of the technology, then you suffer from compatibility, and you end up using more internet speed than necessary. Currently, we are using Avast secure browser that built on Google Chromium. 1: Launch your Chrome or Secure browser, then click on three dot setting on the top right corner. 2: Select “Hep and About Avast or Chrome browser.” 3: Now select About Avast or “About Chrome browser.” 4: The browser will auto-update after you click on the option. You don’t have to worry about the Mozilla Firefox because it has a feature called “Mozilla Maintenance Service” that auto-updates automatically. But, you can check for updates. Go to MENU > Options > General > Updates.

3. Clear Cached Memory:

You might be surprised that browsers save more than 5GB cache on your Windows PC. It does help on most of the cases, but it also slows down your PC because we are clearing cache for a long time and we can tell you it does speeds up your PC. Clearing cache once in a while is an ideal idea, and it also frees your RAM. 1: Paste “secure://settings/clearBrowserData” in your browser URL. It applies to Chrome and Avast secure browser. 2: Now select advanced, then tick all options in the advanced history. You cannot recover lost data, then click on “Clear History.” It will clean data like Cache, History, Saved passwords, and any saved form data.

4. Close Unwanted Programs Which Reduce Your Bandwidth:

Close programs that run in the background that reduces the bandwidth. We also recommend you to try a program called Process Lasso that keeps your PC cool, when a program is trying to trying to slow your PC down. There’s no doubt that Process Lasso has stopped many services and programs to cause unresponsiveness of your Windows PC.

5. Do your Router Firmware Update:

Many routers manufacturers release a firmware update that allows them to solve problems like Bug fixes, Improvement of a feature, Enable a new feature, and improve the performance. The manufacturers make sure to give you the firmware update on the latest WIFI routers, and they promise to provide you with one or two updates. 1: You have to find your WIFI model, which is located on the back of the router. You can also find from the control panel of the router. 2: Google your router model number and click on the official website. 3: Download, the firmware from the official website. Never download the files from a non-official website, or you can damage your router permanently.

Do Your Hardware Upgrade

We are going to tell you unique ways to check and upgrade your PC parts. Do not worry because we are going to push you to buy hundreds of dollars worth of upgrades.

1. Check or Upgrade Your Router:

Do you know the difference between DSL and Fibre Internet connection? DSL: DSL is an Internet connection technology that spread across India. The limitation of DSL connection is that it cannot data transfer more than 16MBPS per second, which means you are stuck with the 16MBPS connection. Fibre or Fibre Internet Connection: It is the next generation technology for DSL, and it can data transfer up to 100MBPS connection. In simple words, you are going to get Internet speed up to 100MBPS. You have to find out whether your Internet service provider has installed a fibre connection. Many areas don’t have a fibre connection, so do not fall for the tagline “Tricel Brandband – Fiber Connection.” Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, and that is your Network Card! Is your network card capable enough to give you 10MBPS+ speed? 1: Copy and paste this in explorer URL section “Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections” and hit enter. 2: Now, remember your Wireless and LAN adapter model number. 3: Google “Realtek PCIe GBE family controller specs” or simply add SPECS after the model number of your adapter to find out if your LAN or wireless adapter supports the high-speed Internet. Or 4: Fortunately, we have found that our current laptop supports 100MBPS on Wireless and LAN. Even if you are running an older version of the hardware, then you should check the details of your network adapter.

2. Try to Use Ethernet Instead of WIFI:

The above information may have discouraged you, but don’t worry because we got good news for you. No need to worry if your network adapter is old. If your PC network adapter doesn’t support the latest technology, then you can buy a network adapter for low as $50 – $10. The same theory goes for your computer WIFI adapter. You can purchase a WIFI dongle for low as $6 or $7. You can purchase branded TP-Link USB WIFI dongle for $10. Few generic manufacturers sell USB Windows, and Mac supports WIFI dongle for low as $5. You don’t need to upgrade your Processor, RAM, Harddisk, Motherboard, or anything else. Get the latest WIFI dongle or network adapter for your OLD PC, and you are good to go. Amazon India | Amazon USA


We have pointed out everything you need to know about solving Internet speed problem from your end, so you don’t blame your ISP for a slow connection. I think everyone Internet user should confirm that the problem is not from their end. Let us know what do you think about it in the comment section below.