People often face a low internet speed issue nowadays in broadband. Generally, broadband companies claim that they will offer high-speed internet but in real the speed goes down due to various reasons. Both in Broadband and wi-fi connection, users face the speed-related issues. Here in this topic, we are going to discuss the best ways to increase the speed of broadband. All these tricks will be valuable to increase the BSNL broadband speed, Airtel broadband speed, and other operators as well.

Sometimes it has been seeming that peoples in the same area use the same provider and the speed goes down as usual. In such cases, the service provider needs to extend the bandwidth such that the speed remains good even in the busy times as well. So, in this topic, we will talk about the user-friendly ways such that you can increase the broadband and Wi-Fi speed without investing extra money or plan limit. Without taking more time to let us have a look at the points discussed below.

How to increase fiber speed?

In the present era, we found that almost all the Broadband internet service provider uses the optic fiber cable in their internet connection. The reason behind that is the optical fiber has 3X more transmission speed compare than the normal copper wire. But sometimes we found that fiber connection also gives us the slow internet speed. In such cases, as a user, you can contact your service provider and ask them to replace the old optical fiber cable to a new one. If the strength of the fiber optic cable becomes down, in such cases the internet speed gets fluctuates.

Besides that, you can also use the powerline adapter that can able to boost up your internet speed and transmit the signal equally on your connected devices.    

How to increase wireless speed?

The user faces the internet speed problem in the Wi-Fi connection due to various reason. Like the reason behind slow Wi-Fi or wireless internet depends on the quality of main connection wire to the modem, Router configuration, no. of users in a single access point, a distance of the wireless device from the access point and more. Therefore, to increase the wireless or WI-FI speed you need to follow the tips which are given below.

  • Contact your Internet Service Provider and tell them to use the high quality of wire in your connection to the modem.
  • Change your router and attach a high configuration router device such that the signal gets transmitted strongly in your devices.
  • Secure your router or access point with a password such that the no. of users remains limited for maintaining speed.
  • Maintain the minimum distance between your devices and router.

How to increase DSL speed?

To increase the DSL broadband speed, you need to maintain the following things which are discussed in the points below. After applying the following things, you can simply increase DSL without further investment.

So, these are all about the tips and tricks about how to Increase Broadband Speed in any internet connection. If you are using Airtel broadband, BSNL Broadband or Vodafone Broadband, everything will get the effect to get extra speed using the above tips and trick. Hope the information given here is now helpful to you all. If you are satisfied to share the same with other internet users as well.

  • Clear Cache: Always clear the Web Browser Cache and that serves the high-speed internet. Otherwise, you can also open the cmd – Command Prompt Window and type ipconfig/flushdnsto flush the DNS cache in Windows. 
  • Limits the no.of connected devices: If you are using the wireless device in your connection, then try to limit the no. of users connected to it. Keep your wireless router secured with a password such that unknown users can’t get connected to it.
  • Change Modem Position: To access the maximum speed you can move your router to a different location such that the signal gets captured strongly to reach in your devices.
  • Verify Cord: Make sure the network cable you are using in the DSL connection is very much strong and the length between the modem and telephone Jack is shortest as much possible.
  • Upgrade Internet Plan: Sometimes, the internet plans also vary the speed of browsing and downloading in your DSL connection. In that situation, you need to choose maximum plans i.e. 10 or 20 Mbps in general for using internet pleasantly.