The growth of Internet broadband in India has grown immensely, and a common man is willing to pay Rs.500 a month to get a basic connection. However, the most painful point of a first time user that they don’t know what makes Internet broadband valuable for the price they are paying. Allow us to give you a few points that you should consider and do a little research on it, so you don’t waste plenty of time and money on dealing with crappy Internet broadband services.

What Is Broadband?

A technology that sends high-frequency signals that used to send messages simultaneously. Broadband technology highly used in send data and Internet providers.

1. Genuine Customer Review

GBPS BroadBandExisting customers and old customers can tell you a lot about the service and what happens after you make the first deposit. It has seen over the years that many companies have come forward to provide you quality Internet service, but they quickly change after you make the Installation deposit. The genuine reviews tell you about the service, speed, and many other things that you may not have expected from the service provider. What are the best sources to find genuine reviews? 1: Broadband forums are the best places to find problems and solutions provided by the ISP. You can find out about the problems the existing customers are facing and if the ISP has responded to it and solved the problem or not. The broadband companies pay a lot of attention to customer support and forums because it represents their company quality. A broadband forum does tell a lot about the company and it’s standards. 2: Have you ever come across MouthShut? The founder of the website used the World Wide Web to create a platform for the users, to tell the truth about the Service, Product, Machine, and others reviews. You can find almost every product and service reviews written by customers. In fact, you can write your own experience for a product as well. Check out 3: The next major source would be Indian consumer forums, where you can find 100’s of complaints about the service and the frauds committed by the Broadband Provides in India. In case, if you are from another country, then Google “YOUR COUNTRY NAME consumer complaint” to reach out the websites that allow people to raise a complaint. At GBPS Broadband, we write reviews based on FACTS, Experience, Comparison, and Customer experience. We do not support broadband’s that try to scam people and provide low-quality service after charging high-price on the packages.

2. Satisfaction

What does satisfaction mean in broadband service? I am a heavy Internet user, and I use it on a regular basis. For instance, my Internet service provider offers me 80MBPS connection for Rs.500, and it does come with flaws like downtime. Downsides 1: My ISP has a downtime of one minute to one hour once a week. 2: My ISP does not provide support after 8 PM – Even major companies do not provide support after 8 PM, and we have to wait till next morning to raise a complaint. Benefits 1: High-speed Internet for low-price and I have downloaded and streamed a lot, and I have never run of GB’s. I don’t think we have a FUP (limit) to our plan. 2: During working days (Monday to Saturday) the ISP provides support between 9 AM to 8 PM. 3: I have always appreciated their customer support because when the Internet doesn’t work, then they send someone to fix the Internet within 10 to 15 minutes. 4: If you have subscribed to their ISP for more than a year, then the ISP owner rules that payment collection executives do not know brother customers to pay on-time. I had not paid for two months because I wasn’t home when they arrived. They don’t call you and bother you for the payment and disconnect your connection! Now, you can tell that I am very satisfied with the Internet connection.

3. Internet Speed

Unfortunately, many reputed companies do not provide the promised Internet speed, and a reputed brand like Airtel is no exception. Reputed broadband ISP tells you that they have FIBER connection that gives you 100MBPS connection at an affordable price, but we have seen it many times that they give you DSL connection. It is one of the major reasons why your Internet speed is bad on normal days. What is DSL connection and Fiber connection? DSL Connection: DSL full from Digital Subscriber Line is the first technology that Telephone companies have used to give you landline connection. The same technology used to provide an Internet connection and it is the same reason why MTNL and BSNL quickly provided Internet broadband services. The drawback of DSL connections is that they used by Airtel, and many reputed companies as well, and it can only deliver 16MBPS per second. Fiber: The upgraded technology for DSL is Fiber, and it has the technology that can provide 100MBPS per second. The biggest drawback of Fiber is that it is available in cities only. Companies are not able to give up DSL lines because the cost of Fiber lines is expensive. In simple words, if you are living deep in a city, then you better find out whether your ISP can provide you with a FIBER connection. If you are living in a Village, then you cannot expect them to give you a Fiber connection.

4. Reliability

What does this mean to you? 1: Internet service providers may not be perfect, but are they willing to do whatever it takes to solve your problem? 2: Are they making every effort to give you good service? 3: Are they responsive when you have a problem with the connection? If the answer is YES, then your ISP is reliable.

5. Customer Support Service

No matter which ISP you are going to choose for yourself, but it is extremely important that your ISP customer care does not give up on you! Example: Companies like Airtel broadband, Act Fiber, and Hathway, they have dedicated customer support that handles the complaints.

How does it work?

1: They hire people to talk to you – They are the executives. You can call them to raise a complaint; then the executive moves to another call. Remember, the customer care executive has ZERO POWER. The only customer care has RAISING A COMPLAINT and THAT’S ALL. In simple words, if you shout on them, then it won’t do anything because they are getting paid to hear you! 2: The complaint goes to the concerning department like AREA DEPARTMENT. 3: The area department take on the case, and they send an engineer to your house. Let me tell you that most of the times these so-called Engineers are UNPROFESSIONAL (most of the times) people. They get offended very easily and may not do a good job. Then again you raise the complain again, and the process continues. Note: I worked for Airtel customer support, and that’s how I know about it. I highly recommend you to test the customer care first, and if they fail to impress you, then you better consider other broadband. My broadband customer care answers the call during working hours, and they dispatch an UNPROFESSIONAL Engineer, but they are friendly and normal people like any of us. Conclusion It is extremely important to check the customer support because they are your voice and they are your saviour in broadband services. Share your experience in the comment section below.