With ever-increasing privacy threats throughout all internet users globally, maintaining one’s privacy while browsing or while doing any transaction online is not as safe as it used to be a decade ago. So to maintain an individual’s identity online and stay anonymous, we have a VPN to help us out.

A Virtual Private Network aka VPN is an internet connection method through which one can go through the internet without exposing their identity  & security even on a public or private network.

So, if you are on your mobile device or Pc and you don’t have a VPN, you can get a Free VPN. But do take care that not all VPN’s have the good security measures so you need to go for a Free VPN Best for your need.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you opt for a Free VPN Download and to use it.

What Business Mode does a VPN provider follow?

As a VPN provider, their main aim would be to earn a lot of money especially when you are the owner of a popular VPN service provider. Few of the popular VPN companies like “Tunnelbear” will provide a freemium trial version for 7 days after which you will need to pay a certain amount if you are happy with their services. A trial period is a great marketing method or such large VPN companies to offer users with the experience of premium services so they can get the user to buy their paid version too. but for other totally free VPN ones, the company might sell the users data to a third party to get paid and this is what you need to keep in mind.

How a VPN service can protect my mobile device and PC?

To answer the question of how a VPN service protects your mobile and PC is really easy. You see, most VPN that you would use will run in the background and encrypt your data while you browse the internet without any headache. Yet, to overcome your encrypted data, many websites that are insecure have come up with a tracking solution that will still fingerprint your device through many methods one of which can be pop up ads. And in such a situation you will need a holistic VPN provider like “Windscribe” who offers super ad-blocker services.

What can you lose if you go for Free Service providers?

As with any VPN free service provider, there will be many corner cuts that users will need to face indefinitely.  Few of that drawback might be with bandwidth speed which might be less compared to others, location accessibility might not be as versatile and few might or might not even offer with ads blocking features. And when it comes to the freemium VPN service provider you will get all the above features and which also might come with P2P and even FireWall services. Whereas many other freemium VPN service provider will have unlimited bandwidth unlocked, unlimited location and self Open VPN configuration settings.

Why you should avoid Log storing VPNs?

Log storing VPN service providers are the ones that will track and store your internet activity on their service. And as a VPN user, you should definitely avoid such a VPN service provider which can be done easily by reading the “Licence Agreement” while installing any VPN on your device. Most VPNs will have it clearly mentioned they don’t keep logs of users’ data and erase those data as soon as the user ends the session. While questionable one will try to confuse its user with a Long T&Cs or privacy statement which no one will have the patience to read through. So you also need to take care of it while going through the installation process.

Can you really go completely anonymous?

As a VPN user, to go complete anonymous while enjoying double the privacy, you will need a VPN service provider that accepts subscription without nay email required and also accepts online Bitcoin payment.

Why you should be using a VPN?

As a VPN service provider, companies will push and pull you through all the risks that you might face and lose your privacy if you go online without a VPN.  They will essentially make you think & believe that using the internet without a VPN is really unsafe which definitely is nowadays. So if you are thinking about opting for a Free VPN service then you might want to rethink.

We have already talked about the features you would get from a free VPN and under what consider you should consider using a free VPN best suited for your need. so if you consider taking the risk of using a free VPN which might have less bandwidth, less privacy and security compared to free one then here is what you can enjoy never the less.

Rerouting: Rerouting your i.p address to a different location can be really useful. You can think it like as if you are living in India if there is content that is inaccessible as they are regionally blocked then setting a location like America on a VPN can and then trying to access the same site will definitely help you access it.

Privacy: When it comes to privacy, masking your address with a VPN will help you avoid being tracked back. So if anyone wants to trace your data and know about your traffic data they won’t be successful. And also note that if the VPN service provider isn’t logging to your data then no one else can.

Security: Being on public wi-fi or even your private wi-fi can be a little risky as on a public wi-fi anyone can trace you whereas on your private wi-fi your ISP can track what you are browsing. With a VPN any traffic data that will leave your device will be encrypted first and then decrypted by the VPN server only which means there will be no issue or risk of data/traffic leakage.

And these are the 3 best things that you can basically enjoy while using a FREE VPN service. And with other paid services, you are sure to get more features and unlimited security.