Broadband Internet Connection has become important for every community to have it at their home. Internet connects people, sell online, buy online, market online, start a business online, and download & upload files online.  A reliable internet connection is extremely important for everyone to have it at their home, so the possibilities can increase to make a career out of it.

What is Internet Bandwidth?

Bandwidth matters in the internet speed meter, and many of you have no knowledge when it comes to bandwidth technology. But, we are going to fill you in the blanks, and explain why you need good bandwidth, and how much difference it would make to your Internet connection. Bandwidth limitations explain the capacity of wired connection link that transmits signals from one end to another end. Let’s assume that you have a wired connection from a server from another city to your home, and the bandwidth is 1MBPS per second, then the server cannot transmit data more than 1MBPS. Bandwidth is not internet speed limitation, but it explains the capacity of the wired connection of a network, and Internet speed also depends on the provider as well. In simple words, if Airtel broadband offers fibre connection, then it can transmit up to 100 MBPS data per second. Fibre Optical Connection: A wired connection based on fibre optical connection provides up to 100MBPS. DSL Connection: The most used technology in telephone connectivity and Internet transfer is DSL connection. However, the maximum bandwidth and internet speed a DSL connection can offer is 16MBPS.

How to Check Wireless Broadband Internet Connection?

Broadband connection speedAnyone can check their Broadband Internet Connection download and upload speed using various tools available online. But, we are going to show you how you can test your broadband easily in a few clicks without a hassle. Step 1: Make sure that no one is connected to the internet except you, and keep in mind that you have to remain near to the WIFI router until the process ends. broadband internet connection speedStep 2: Launch the browser, and go to, and wait until the webpage loads completely. broadband internet connection speedStep 3: For a beginner, I would like to explain every test specifically so that you can understand the process. broadband internet connection speed
  • You can find out the ping you get per second. If you are a gamer, then you would know that the lowest ping you get during gaming, the better performance you are going to get from the server.
  • The tells you information about your ISP and your IP address.
  • The also provides you with the information of main broadband service provider with your server’s location.
And, the information provided by the is accurate, at least in my case. Step 4: In the first test, takes the test of download speed, and it takes ten seconds to complete the download speed test. You won’t get accurate download speed, but it will approximate value. broadband internet connection speedStep 5: In the second test, takes the test of upload speed, and it can be lower to your download speed, and it usually happens with many ISP around the world. Countries like India, Italy, Bangladesh, Burma, and other developing countries have to suffer from low upload speed. broadband internet connection speedNote: Many expensive ISP provide equal download and upload speed, and that’s the case in my broadband. Step 6: In the final result, you can find Ping, Download speed, and Upload speed. You can save the reference number, and it’s saved to the servers. broadband internet connection speedYou can view the results from anywhere, and at any time by saving the URL to notepad or bookmarking it. broadband internet connection speedIn the Wireless connection, the ISP may promise you 100 MBPS per second, but you may end up getting less than 100 MBPS because the WIFI router signals may not be strong enough to reach your room. So can tell you how much download and upload speed you are getting per second.

How to check Wired Broadband Internet Connection?

In the wired broadband internet connection, you can try the same technique from wireless, and it will give you slightly better Download and Upload speed because you are directly connected your PC to the Wired connection. In the wired connection, you might get better download and upload speed than wireless. In the comparison of the wireless, you can take a look at the result, and we have a different result in a desktop wired connection. So don’t get surprised if you get better speed experience on the wired desktop connection.

Precaution You Need to Follow While Checking Broadband Internet Connection Speed

It might sound a little silly, but there are precautions you have to take because the ISP executives are trying to fool you that you are getting 100 MBPS per second, but you may get less than 10 MBPS speed. Trust me, it happens to a lot of new customers, and you don’t want to find it the hard way. 1. If you are using a wireless network, then login to your WIFI router, and check if other devices are connected to your network. You don’t want others to be connected to your device and check after confirming it. broadband internet connection speed 2. Make sure you are not running any other program in the background that downloads stuff automatically. Always check Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 downloading software updates online. broadband internet connection speed 3. In many cases, ISP executives trying to dupe you money by telling you that you will get 100 MBPS, or whatever package you have purchased download speed a second. But, that’s not true at all. Allow us to show you how much you download speed you get from 30MBPS internet connection per second. I have downloaded an MP3 song from YouTube using Avast secure line browser, and you can see that Chrome browser does not download more than 200KBPS a second. It is the minimum download speed you are going to get from 30 MBPS connection. broadband internet connection speedI have used a download manager because it concentrates entire download speed on one file, and gives you maximum download speed. broadband internet connection speed As you can see above that, I have used IDM, and you can see that I’m getting 1 MBPS to download speed per second, and that’s the maximum download speed you are going to get from a 30 MBPS connection. I got fooled by ISP executive when he informed me that I’m going to get 1 MBPS to download speed per second, but I got 150 KBPS second. Coming to the upload speed, and it will be the same as download speed. It’s a misconception.


Let us know what tools do you use to determine your download speed and upload speed of your Internet connection in the comment section below.