Airtel Plan 2020 |Airtel Cheapest Pre-paid Recharge Plan Increased

Airtel Plan 2020: Airtel has increased its minimum recharge validity plan from Rs 23 to Rs 45, an increase up to 40%,  at a time when the company battles heavy losses and huge payment outstandings. The tariff hike comes in immediately and will be applicable for nearly 95% of the company’s nearly 300 million customers.

The Airtel has increased the minimum validity recharge plan for its pre-paid customers from the earlier Rs 35 to Rs 49 as well as Rs 23 to Rs 45 now

In a public notice on Sunday, the second-largest telco announced that the new base price would be effective from December 29.

This means that Airtel customers will have to recharge at least Rs 45 instead of Rs 23 for a validity period of 28 days and hence customers will have to pay at least Rs 22 per month.

Airtel Plan 2020 |Recharger plan list

Airtel Plan 2020 Short Term Plan

  1. 19 rupees (no change in price)
    The company’s cheapest 19-rupee plan has a validity of two days. In this plan, apart from unlimited calling, users will get 100 SMS and 150 MB data.
  2. Rs 49 (First Rs 35) | Users will get Rs 38.52 talk time and 100MB data in this plan. The validity of this plan is 28 days.
  3. 79 rupees (previously 65 rupees) | The company will give talk time of Rs 63.95 in this plan. In this plan, 200 MB data is also given with a validity of 28 days.
  4. Rs 148 (Previously Rs 129) | The validity of this plan with unlimited calling is only 28 days and users will get 2 GB data in it. Along with this, 300 SMS will also be given to users.
  5. 248 rupees (new plan) | The validity of this plan, which provides 1.5 GB data and 100 SMS daily, is 28 days and it also gets unlimited calling users.
  6. Rs 298 (Previously Rs 249) | Subscribers will get 2 GB data and 100 SMS daily in the plan. The validity of this plan is 28 days and unlimited calling users are also available in it.

Airtel Plan 2020 Long Term Plan

  1. Rs 598 (Previously Rs 448)
    Talk about plans with a validity of 84 days, now the cheapest plan is Rs 598. It will get 100 free SMS daily and 1.5 GB data benefits with unlimited calling.
  2. Rs 698 (Previously Rs 499) | If users want 2GB mobile data daily, then this plan with a validity of 84 days will have to be recharged. In this plan, apart from unlimited calling and 100 SMS daily, Airtel Thanks benefits will also be available.

Airtel Plan 2020 Annual Plan

  1. Rs 1498 (Previously Rs 998)
    365 days validity is being given in the plan. A total of 24 GB of data is being given for the entire validity period in the plan. The plan comes with unlimited calling benefits. Subscribers are being given 300 free SMS every 28 days in this plan.
  2. Rs 2398 (Previously Rs 1699) | 365 days validity is available in this plan of Airtel. The plan comes with unlimited calling and Daily 100 free SMS. Talking about data, 1.5 GB data is being offered daily to the users who subscribe to this plan.

Rivals Vodafone Idea and Reliance Jio also increased tariffs at the beginning of the month for higher costs.

The latest increase comes at a time when the Indian telecom sector is going through its worst financial phase with debt reduction and massive government bailout. but now Now all eyes are on Vodafone Idea, which continues to have a base recharge pack of around Rs 23, but is expected to revise it as well. Vodafone Idea did not respond to any queries.

How To Get Airtel Recharge Plan 2020

According to the new year recharge plan list If you choose this plan for a long time which is completely 12 months and I will also give you all accessory details in the header section about this package Airtel Plan 2020.

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